Terry Floyd, Jr.
Tribute to a Leader
Used by permission from the Catalina 4-H Club.
Terry Floyd passed into the hands of
the Lord in October of 2001
Terry Floyd will live forever in the hearts and minds of
thousands of people…remembered as our long-time
mentor, adopted parent, friend, 4-H Leader, and
favorite teacher. Orange County 4-H will never be the
same, but thanks to the training and leadership of Terry
Floyd, we have opportunities to grow stronger with each
passing day.  
We are empowered!  
Terry grew up on a farm and joined a 4-H club early in life,
where he learned to raise and show cattle and pigs.  He loved the
program so much, he grew up, went to college, and landed his
dream job as a 4-H Agent!
Throughout his entire life, Terry retained the magic of childhood.  His
wife, Marsha, says “Terry started going to 4-H summer camp at the
age of 10.  He simply never outgrew camp. Instead, he found himself
a job where he could keep going. And in forty-two years he only
missed going to camp twice!”
Terry Floyd was devoted to youth.  He loved sharing the great
adventure of life.  He spoke straight to the heart of the matter.  
He knew the value of time and how to use it constructively.  He
knew what it felt like to be a winner and he loved sharing that
experience with others.
Terry had an uncanny ability to make each person he came into
contact with feel special.  He had an amazing amount of energy
and insight into people.  He always took the time to clarify
communications to be sure each person understood their role or
His innovative thinking and program design impacted literally
thousands of children.  He developed Orange County’s 4-H
program into a family oriented program where members learned,
grew, graduated, and returned… to volunteer and raise their own
children within 4-H.   He understood the value of each and every
effort made by each and every person. Every encounter became an
opportunity.  He recognized early in his career the ability of youth
to accomplish great tasks.  He appreciated the limitless scope of
youth and he  enjoyed brainstorming their ideas.  Terry saw value in
accentuating the positive and eliminating the negative and he
recognized great power in the words  “Thank you!”
4-H is an organization that encourages learning, doing and getting involved. 4-H projects and activities educate kids
and adults through practical, hands-on, learn-by-doing methods that emphasize life skills. The 4-H organization is one
of the largest youth-serving organizations in the world.  Terry Floyd loved the 4-H program and spent his entire career
as the Orange County Extension office 4-H Program Leader.
Terry’s leadership initiated several statewide programs including the development of the Florida 4-H Ambassador
program in 1999.  His legacy lives on in his sons Kevin and Matthew and his family members.
No words express the loss shared by members of the Orange County 4-H family. Countless of us were directly  
impacted by his teaching.  We stand united in the void left by this dynamic leader. As we think back on all  the
activities Terry Floyd walked us through…always taking
time to make sure we understood our potential and our
opportunities...we simply want to say a final
Continued progress is our best tribute to you!
The Terry Floyd, Jr. 4-H Memorial Scholarship Fund